AI fast disrupting the world of finance as you know it

Lending decisions, which are typically taken by underwriters or loan officers, are getting replaced by data-driven models. Algorithms are being developed, which can learn over time and make optimal lending decisions without human bias.


Privitar win UKBAA Award for Angel-VC Scale-Up Investment

Privitar won the award for successfully combining Angel and VC investment to support it’s successful scale-up, expanding the team and accessing new markets in US and Europe.


What Can Machines Learn and What Does It Mean for Occupations and the Economy?

Rapid advances in machine learning (ML) are poised to generate significant economic value and transform numerous occupations and industries.


Editors Picks

Banks versus Fintechs

Tension builds with RegTech innovation. Kimberly Long uses JPMorgan’s platform, that embraces digital possibilities while complying with internal regulatory processes, as an example of how banks can collaborate with RegTechs and find the best way to digitise compliance. Read more here.

Singapore to develop ethical code for AI

Singapore's government has outlined plans to develop a governance programme around the use of artificial intelligence and personal data in its bid to become an international centre for new technology. Singapore is not alone in looking to formally address these issues. 2017 saw the introduction of the FX Global Code of Conduct, a non-legislative set of principles. Read more here.

How RegTech is evolving to address compliance...

In this report, Sarah Kocianski looks at the major changes expected to hit the RegTech segment in the next year. She examines who is driving these changes and what the future of the RegTech industry will look like through 2020. Read more here.

New EU anti-money laundering rules

New anti-money laundering rules prove the power of public scrutiny. Every year, billions of euros are laundered by criminals all over the world. New EU anti-money laundering rules are shining a light on the criminals hiding behind anonymous shell companies and trusts. Read more here.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence…

...for Good and Evil. Artificial intelligence and automation are becoming powerful forces of change in the world today. This episode of the rebank podcast talks to three experienced Fintech entrepreneurs about the impacts of these technologies, and how they will shape the next few decades. Listen here.

Corlytics: Innovation Needs Diversity

Corlytics know that the most creative ideas do not come from ‘great thinkers’ alone, but from diverse teams. In this article, CEO John Byrne explains why the most respected leaders in this sector understand their growth and technological advances depend on the diverse inputs of all team members. Read the full article here.

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